TiVo Adds Hulu Plus To Offerings


TiVo continues to amass digital video services -- this time Hulu Plus -- to keep its time-shifting service top of mind.

TiVo Premiere has added Hulu Plus to its 3 million TiVo subscribers, who also have access to Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube services.

TiVo subscribers can get Hulu Plus for the same price point as broadband users -- a $7.99 subscription fee per month. However, the new offering will not be available to those TiVo services via cable system operators' set-top boxes. The Alviso, Calif.-based TiVo continues to tout viewers who increasingly are streaming video. TiVo says numbers increased to 41% in the fourth quarter of 2010, with TV programs per user going to nearly nine episodes in the last three months of 2010. That's up from 37% -- 6.41 programs --- streamed in 2009.



Tara Maitra, senior vice president and general manager of content services and media sales for TiVo, stated: "I've watched with great admiration as Hulu has built an impressive business by offering up some of the world's greatest entertainment content on demand."

The TiVo-Hulu Plus connection has been a long time in coming. Last September, TiVo announced it would be offering Hulu Plus. In addition, the marketing of TiVo-Hulu Plus has been activated, running in Best Buy stores.

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