AccentHealth Unveils New DO Networks


Health care is one of the fastest-growing segments of the digital out-of-home video business, as advertisers realize the value of reaching consumers in the moments before they see the doctor. This week nine new "condition-specific" networks were unveiled from AccentHealth, which deliver digital video content to waiting rooms targeted according to the types of condition most commonly treated at each location.

AccentHealth has created nine new DO networks focused on diabetes health, heart health, men's health, mental health, senior women's health, rheumatology, allergies, asthma, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The condition-specific networks feature original content about the relevant condition produced each month.

The nine new networks join four established DO networks already operated by AccentHealth, all taking advantage of digital delivery to give advertisers more flexibility and precision in ad messaging.



The four original networks targeted general practice, seniors, ob-gyn and pediatrics. Altogether, the 13 networks cover 12,300 physicians' offices, reaching 13 million patients per month and 158 million patients per year.

AccentHealth CEO Daniel Stone said the company's DO networks can help advertisers reach "audiences that can be somewhat elusive" in the healthcare environment, citing the example of men, "who tend to be under-represented in physicians' offices."

There is also the all-important element of context: Stone observed that men are probably more receptive to ads about, say, drugs for erectile dysfunction when they are at the doctor's office than when they are "watching football with their friends."

Stone said the new networks have generated a positive response from advertisers spanning a range of categories, including pharmaceuticals, OTC products, healthy living products and retail, such as banks and home improvement.

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