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D1ress like a guy, not a "Supar Tool," pleads Old Navy. The brand is launching its first of a series of viral videos Thursday, targeting 25-35-year-old men. The first video, "Supar Tool" spoofs high-end fashion shoots that never seem to make any sense. Our model dons a crown and mink stole, while sitting beside a pear, in one scene. In another, he's a man around town, carrying a lamb. After he's finished showing off his abs, two graphics cover him, saying, "dress like a guy, not that guy." The Old Navy logo is revealed, along with the Web site. See it here. "Corporado" will be the next video launched, this one poking fun at cookie-cutter businessmen who wear Ralph Lauren shirts and khakis. The preppy businessman is standing atop a rock in the wilderness. He channels his inner cowboy to take on venomous snakes, when he's not eating Chinese takeout, talking on the phone or working on his laptop. Watch it here. A print ad, seen here, shows Supar Tool alongside Old Navy apparel options. Camp & King created the campaign.



 2Now this is one way to impress a lady. Heineken launched the second film from its global campaign, Open Your World, called "The Date." The first film, "The Entrance," launched last December. For a refresher, read my review and watch the ad here. The date begins by entering a club through the back of its restaurant, chatting with chefs and showing off the guy's chopping skills. Next, he smoothes down a man's deplorable comb-over and goes head-to-head with a magician. One pulls a rabbit out of thin air and the other pulls a cold Heineken from his mouth. The man and his date wind up onstage, dancing beside a singer and his band. The spot ends with the pair drinking Heinekens. See the ad here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.  

3Corona Extra's "Find Your Beach" mantra is expanding to include non-beach places because it's more of a state of mind, not being at a physical place. In the brand's latest TV spot, "Flight," a man relaxes on a beach as an airline beverage cart passes by. Turns out, he's mid-flight on the plane, wishing he was on a beach sipping a Corona. The spot ends with his woman ordering a Corona, the clinking of bottles and visions of the duo sitting on a beach. Watch the ad here, created by Cramer-Krasselt.

4Activision launched a 3:50 video to introduce gamers to Call of Duty Elite. Voiced by comedian T.J. Miller, theLEGENDofKARL profiles an ordinary man with a sharp sense of humor and decent gaming skills. Call of Duty Elite lets gamers compete with fellow gamers online, study maps and weapons and learn how to improve their game. Players can win actual prizes and prepare for the Nov. 8 release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The first intro video shows Karl playing a multiplayer round of Call of Duty: Black Ops as he explains the purpose of Call of Duty Elite. The video was shot using Call of Duty: Black Ops' Theater mode, allowing viewers to be up close and personal whenever Karl takes a hit. Watch the video here, created by DOJO SF and directed by Jeff Tomsic.  

5At the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Xbox debuted a sneak peak of Halo 4, being released in December of 2012. "Awakening" takes place following the aftermath of Halo 3, with the return of Master Chief confronting his own destiny and trying to save the universe. Essentially, we have explosions, fire and shooting throughout the 90-second snippet. Halo 4 will be the start of a new, and surely profitable, trilogy. See the video here, created by Twofifteen McCann.

6This takes showering with a friend to a whole new level. Henkel chose the Sasquatch Music Festival, held at Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Wash., to launch its collection of got2b "rockin' it" hair products. What better way to promote a line of dry shampoo than by erecting a 40-foot showerhead and encouraging concertgoers to break world records? "Let's Sing in the Shower" allowed concertgoers to break random world records, like the longest handstand in a shower and longest worm dance in a shower. There were plenty of product demos, but that doesn't count as record-breaking. See a video here, created by. BBDO San Francisco.

7Sherwin-Williams launched "HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams," a line of interior paint and painting supplies that includes eight different color collections. Supporting the partnership are two TV ads and one print ad, running in Architectural Digest, Coastal Living, Good Housekeeping, Southern Living, Country Living and Real Simple, among others. A "Stork" made from paint swatches delivers a HGTV-branded paint can to a Sherwin-Williams store. See it here. A "River," made from paint swatches, runs through a forest and canyons, and guides a sailboat into the ocean, where additional sailboats roam. "See colors flow naturally," closes the ad, seen here. A paint can is used to chill champagne and celebrate the Sherwin-Williams and HGTV Home collaboration. See it here. McKinney created the campaign. 

8Well, don't it make my brown eyes blue. The color of Valspar Paint is so electric that it changes eye color. A woman opens a can of Valspar and once the brush hits its canvas (a wall), an electric current surges through the woman, turning her brown eyes the color of her soon-to-be blue wall. See the ad here, created by Draftfcb Chicago.


9Random iPad App of the week: House Beautiful launched an iPad app called 500+ Favorite Paint Colors, in an effort to help homeowners choose ideal colors for every room imaginable. Users can search for paint colors by brand, view "Editors' Picks" for their fave colors or take the color personality test to see what colors match their personality. App users can also scroll through colors by spaces (kitchen, living room, etc.) and mood. The app was developed by iCrossing and costs $4 in the App Store.

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