Panasonic Eyes Lead In Eco-Innovation


Panasonic is looking to establish itself as the leader of ecological innovation among consumer electronics companies with the launch of a new advertising and marketing campaign.

"We've got a long history of recognizing and working with the communities where our facilities are located in environmental and eco projects around the world," Peter Fannon, Panasonic's vice president of technology policy, tells Marketing Daily. "We're trying to let our business partners, our consumers and others in the public know about our commitment to sustainable and energy stewardship."

The new campaign, which touts the company's commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase resource recycling, save and reuse water and raise environmental consciousness, will feature 30- and 60-second commercials to air during "The World Heritage Special" monthly programs running on the National Geographic channel. The television ads featured soprano Sarah Brightman (who sings the company's corporate anthem, "Shall Be Done") and tie in to the company's recently announced program to protect UNESCO's World Hertiage sites.



"What we're trying to do is use the common platform of content to strengthen public consciousness about the value of the planet, the ecology we are part of and the key role of sustainability," Fannon says. "It's important that the public everywhere understands what's at stake in ensuring a healthy global environment in keeping the water clean and the air fresh."

A print campaign, which will run in Newsweek, will profile the daily eco-friendly activities of individual Panasonic employees, and will spotlight the company's environmental products and programs, including environmental education, solar panel usage, batteries and recycling programs. Those ads, plus ads slated to run in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, direct readers to Panasonic's eco site.

"Launching this global campaign on the importance of sustainability and our efforts to grow our leadership in green business is a strong statement by Panasonic," said Fannon in a release. "In countries around the world, including the United States and Canada, this campaign will be a powerful platform for illuminating Panasonic's deep eco commitment, and best-in-class business practices for developing new green products."

Many consumer electronics companies are beginning to step up consumer communications surrounding environmental initiatives. Earlier this month, Eastman Kodak Co. began a program in which people can send in a variety of old consumer electronics -- regardless of brand -- in return for cash and discounts on Kodak products.

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