Multitask Mania: Viewers Watch TV, Discuss on Social Sites

Social Media StudyThere is more multitasking social-media activity while watching television than ever before, according to a new study.

Almost 40% of TV viewers are discussing TV shows on social media sites, with almost three-quarters of TV viewers with broadband access, generally using the Internet at same time, per U.K.-based Ovum, a business/technology research firm.

Bigger social media numbers of 53% are shown for 16-23 viewers who are watching TV and using social media areas. The study also says 51% of consumers it surveyed using the Internet to access news or information while watching TV content.

Ovum also says consumers are multitasking on the Internet when it comes to advertising seen on TV. Some 35% say they are accessing further information related to specific TV messaging.

Ovum principal analyst Michael Philpott stated: "On the negative side, increased adoption of more personal Internet-connected devices, and our growing reliance on and interest in Internet applications, has reached such a level that they are diverting our attention away from the TV."



He adds: "It is therefore feared that it might only be a matter of time before more valuable advertising revenues also move away from the TV and onto the second screen."

But advertisers are adjusting, he says, developing social networking efforts as well as new applications for viewers.

The survey comes from a recent analysis of over 8,000 respondents in eight countries.

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