Digital Distraction: College Students Multi-View

There is continued digital distraction -- and engagement -- for college students: More than three-quarters are busy with digital activities while watching television.

A new study among 1,000 college-age students ages 17-21 from Jack Myers' Media Business Report found that 76% say while watching TV they like to use digital devices contacting friends and others about the TV shows they’re watching.

The report cites other studies, which have established that 80% of tablet owners are actively using their tablet while watching TV. While including all forms of mobile communications -- smartphones and the like -- this number rises to 94% of college students engaging in some form of multitasking while watching TV.

No wonder that every TV network is very active in producing apps and content that take advantage of this, according to the report.

Jack Myers, chairman and media economist at Media Advisory Group and publisher of the Media Business Report, says: “Second-screen content synchronized with TV and videos has a built-in and already active online audience that is primed to jump in if the content is worthwhile and the technology is simple."

He adds: "This technology already exists from several companies and every leading TV network is producing for multiple screen interplay.”



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