Budweiser's 'Big Time' To Make ABC Debut

BudweiserThe-Big-TimeBudweiser's Internet/social media marketing/video effort about everyday people pursuing their mostly big professional sports goals is coming to ABC in January.

The seven-episode series, "Bud United presents: The Big Time," was part of a marketing campaign for the brewer centered around videos sent in by young adults worldwide looking to fulfill their dreams. They included everything from professional racing to playing on major soccer teams to pitching for a professional baseball team.

Casting videos were submitted during the summer via Budweiser's social media sites, where young adults showcased their own stories and passions in areas such as basketball, baseball, soccer, racing, music, acting and cooking.

Coaching and mentoring by celebrities and professionals in the series will include racing professionals Kevin Harvick and Richard Childress, soccer star Alex Morgan, baseball coach Tom House and celebrity chef Hubert Keller.

In 2010, Budweiser introduced Bud United, the global platform connecting consumers' passion points with the brand. As official sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Budweiser started up the effort for soccer through "Bud United: Bud House."

All seven shows will air on Saturday, starting Jan. 21, for its international television debut in the United States. Budweiser is working with FreemantleMedia Enterprises to distribute the show globally.

"These shows offer a compelling trifecta -- sports, entertainment plus viewer engagement via social media," stated Jason Bernstein, senior director of ESPN programming and acquisitions. "It's a unique blend of content, and we're pleased Budweiser came to us with the opportunity to present it on ABC."



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