Dannon Joins Super Bowl Ad Lineup

Dannon-YogurtYogurt marketer Dannon said it will join the roster of Super Bowl advertisers, becoming a first-time participant in the big game. The spot will air during the third quarter, when costs may be lower, although there is no indication that NBC has had any trouble filling its allotment.

Dannon indicated it has growth ahead as Americans become more health-conscious and its message may carry a yogurt-tastes-good-and-is-good-for-you message. Elsewhere in the world, “yogurt has been enjoyed for centuries and is part of every meal.”

Dannon has been in the U.S. market since 1942 and started TV advertising in 1951. In 2006, it launched its popular Activa line.

The Super Bowl is set for Feb. 5 on NBC. Dannon said its Super Bowl spot, like many, will be part of a campaign stretching beyond its in-game ad.

A health-food message could stand out as the food companies advertising last year were Snickers and Frito-Lay. Perhaps by the third quarter, viewers will begin to turn their attention to altering eating habits after cholesterol-filled Super Bowl parties.



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