Google Brings Hot European Effort To U.S.

Google-Ad-B2Hot off a successful campaign in the UK and Germany, Google is bringing an elegant print, outdoor and digital campaign to the U.S. that positions the company as an ally when it comes to protecting one’s privacy and personal information.

The campaign, from M&C Saatchi in London, uses line drawings to illustrate the ways that Google helps people find what they’re looking with quick reminders about how to protect their information, and is built around the line “Good to Know.” One ad shows a man holding a magnifying glass over two types of beetles -- one a car and one an insect. The body copy reads: “Spot the difference.” Another depicts a burglar with a full bag of loot standing in front of a wide-open door. Copy reads: “Ever go out for the day and leave your front door wide open?” stressing the importance of locking one’s screen.



"Everyone wants to stay safe online, but many people don’t know all the tools and tricks that are available,” said Kate Willis, a marketing manager at Google in a statement. “The ‘Good to Know’ campaign is the latest step in our ongoing effort to help users manage their privacy and security online. Using real world examples to try to make technical jargon more meaningful, we've kept it simple, useful and educational."

The campaign began running on Monday, running in publications such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Economist, as well as on subways and online.

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