Out to Launch

WilsonWilson launched a series of amusing TV and online videos for its light but powerful Juice and Steam rackets. Does it offer users an unfair advantage? Some videos are shot similar to TMZ videos, where a harmless interview takes an unexpected turn. Tennis players Juan Martin del Porto, Feliciano Lopez, Kei Nishikori and Petra Kvitova have nothing but glowing words for the Juice and Steam rackets. When the interviewer talks about making the rackets illegal for use in professional sports, the players get angry and abruptly end their interviews. Remaining videos bring the tennis court drama inside a courtroom, complete with ball boys and proper tennis court attire. “Ball Boys” take the Wilson Juice to court, claiming they are out of a job since the racket debuted. See it here. Two lawyers with differencing opinions of the Wilson Steam fight it out in the next video, seen here. On the plus side, the ball boys were put to work. Wexley School for Girls created the campaign.



DrugFreeThe Partnership at launched “Emotional Drugs,” a campaign that places a good deal of blame for a teen’s alcohol or drug use on the actions, or inactions, of the parents. In “Enabling,” a mother acts more like her daughter’s BFF than parental figure, buying booze and hosting a party for the girl and her friends. The teen has no hesitation about experimenting with drugs, alleging that if her mother doesn’t care, why should she? See it here. “Denial” shows a mother with painkillers missing from her medicine bottle. She notices her son’s strange behavior, clearly realizing that he’s taking her pills, but does nothing, convincing herself there’s another reason why her pills are gone. Watch it here. Energy BBDO created the campaign.


Wedding ChannelYou can thank the popularity of “Shit Girls Say” for the astounding number of spoof videos spawned. Jumping on the bandwagon is the Wedding Channel with “Shit Brides Say.” The bride-to-be shells out a bevy of backhanded compliments and thoughts about her big day. Some favorites include: “Does this veil make me look fat?” “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone.” “Is 500 guests a lot? I want it to be intimate.” “Do I have back fat?” and “Just DIY it.” Watch it here. I’d be remiss if I didn’t include another funny spoof called “Shit Runners Say.” My favorites: “I don’t jog, I run” and “Waiting for satellite.”


ManikakoManikako, a nonprofit that teaches children in need how to make their own dolls from old clothes and recycled materials, teamed up with Energizer to create “The Gift of Life.” The online video tells the love story between a robot and a doll, beginning with the pair meeting, falling in love, getting married and creating memories. It reminded me of the movie “WALL-E.” Be prepared for a not-so- happy ending, shown here. TBWA/SMP, Revolver and Post Manila created the video.


NJ Powerball“Give your dreams a chance,” encourages the voiceover in a TV ad for New Jersey’s $2 Powerball lottery game. The Powerball itself is the centerpiece of the ad, morphing into a handful of circular objects that any Powerball winner would be content with: a large diamond, a hot tub full of friends, and an odometer for that sports car you’ve dreamed of owning. Watch “Game Changer” here, created by Brushfire.



metropolisIndianapolis will serve as the host of Super Bowl XLVI -- and Metropolis, a mall in Plainfield Ind., is taking advantage of that with a fun campaign dubbed Eye- Black Friday. Between Jan. 27 and Feb. 3, the mall will reward shoppers wearing eye black under their eyes. Shoppers can pick up an eye black game face at the mall and win up to $100 Metropolis gift cards. The campaign, promoted via Facebook, Twitter and on-site, first launched on the actual Black Friday, Nov. 25. HendrixRaderWise created the campaign.


BriskBrisk Iced Tea joined forces with Lucasfilm to promote the 3-D theatrical release of “Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.” A supporting TV spot shows Yoda taking on Darth Maul. Lucky for Yoda, Darth Maul had a long night and he’s not a worthy opponent, until he gets some mojo back in the form of Brisk Iced Tea. Again, Yoda quickly solves the problem by crashing a vending machine atop Darth Maul, ending the drama. See the ad here, created by Mekanism.


MetroPCSMetroPCS launched “Everybody’s Moving to Metro,” a TV spot that frees consumers of the hassle that is mobile phone contracts. City dwellers are happy and giddy throughout the ad, whether they are crossing a busy street, skateboarding, listening to music or basketball. The straphangers don’t look happy, but they do appear oddly content. Watch the ad here, created by The Richards Group.


DanceCamRandom iPhone App of the week: Dance*Cam, an app that lets users create high- quality music videos, test their dance moves and battle their friends, has launched, in support of the video game “Dance Central 2.” Players start by selecting a song to dance to, practicing the moves, then recording themselves dancing to the song. The video is then processed and morphed into a music video, which can be posted on Facebook. Players can challenge their friends to a dance-off; if the friend accepts, the two videos are placed side-by-side for others to vote on. AKQA developed the app, available for free in the App Store.

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