Brand Safety Gets Boost from TubeMogul

Online video buying platform TubeMogul is slated to roll out a new set of brand protection tools for marketers in an effort to make real-time bidding more palatable for brands. As more money flows into online video, vendors are moving quickly to offer additional capabilities to weed out bad placements so that advertisers are comfortable buying online video in various ways.

TubeMogul’s new capabilities are called BrandSafe. The ad platform said that while it has offered marketers the ability to pick the sites they want to run on and to view site-level reporting, its new set of tools can provide another layer of protection to block the 23,000 inappropriate videos and the more than three million streams each day of autoplays from the 213 million pre-roll video streams per day across its network of sources. TubeMogul pointed out that inappropriate videos can be anything from news videos about terrorism or tragic acts of nature, content advertisers don’t often want to be in front of.

The technology will be built into every buy on its real-time media buying platform. TubeMogul has worked with data company Proximic  to integrate technology that analyzes page placement and scans page content to block irrelevant and unsafe sites before an ad is served. Additional features in BrandSafe scan videos on publisher sites to block out autoplays. BrandSafe also provides a manual ranking of sites in its network by quality. 

With so many ad exchanges and others peddling lower quality inventory, online ad safety has become vital for ad networks and buying platforms to offer marketers. Such features can help bring more money to online video and also protect brands already spending. Last week, real-time online video platform LiveRail launched a new ad serving product that includes additional brand safety tools by analyzing sites for appropriateness in real-time buying.

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