Out to Launch -- Super Bowl Ads; Day 5

PepsiIn “King’s Court,” a 60-second Super Bowl ad for Pepsi, Sir Elton John rules the land. Court jesters try and entertain him, hoping to be rewarded with Pepsi. One jester performs a dismal version of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” and is banished to an underground dungeon. In walks Melanie Amaro, winner of “The X Factor,” who performs “Respect.” She earns just that from the king and is awarded Pepsi. Not so fast. Amaro wants all the king’s people to enjoy Pepsi, so she banishes the king to the underground dungeon. The saving grace of the ad is a look at banished musicians in the underground dungeon. One of them is Flavor Flav, oversized clock and all. See the ad here, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day and directed by Noam Murro.




ChevyChevy is running a trio of 60-second ads during the big game, all created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. The first ad, “2012,” will run in the first quarter and takes place in a postapocalyptic world. The only survivors are Chevy Silverado drivers… and Twinkies. When one man meets up with a small group of Silverado drivers, he asks where their friend Dave is. Apparently, Dave didn’t make it because Dave drove a Ford. Ouch. The spot ends with frogs dropping from the sky. See it here. “Chevy Happy Grad” is also slated to run in the first quarter and is the winning user-created ad chosen from the brand’s Route 66 contest.

A college grad thinks he’s been given a Camaro as his graduation gift -- not the mini-fridge in front of the Camaro with a bow on it -- and his reaction had me worried he might pop a vein. He screamed, screamed some more, updated his Facebook status, got engaged to his girlfriend and was carried atop his friend’s shoulders. When his older neighbor drove off in the car, the grad says, “Hey, Mr. Johnson just stole my car.” Watch it here.

“Sonic Anthem” is running during the second quarter and features the Chevy Sonic performing stunts like a bungee jump and a kick flip, with Rob Drydek at the wheel, and footage of the Sonic in an OK Go music video. See it here.

TelefloraRemember the Teleflora Super Bowl ads of yesteryear (2010) that starred boxed flowers which demeaned and insulted their recipients? This year, the brand tapped Adriana Lima to star in its second-quarter spot. The gist of the ad? Give a vase of flowers to your lady for Valentine’s Day and get lucky Valentine’s night. I know. It makes the talking, wilted flowers look good. See “Give” here, created by Fire Station.


EtradeThe E*Trade baby is back, giving financial advice to a new father. Looking at his daughter inside the maternity ward, the father wants to give her the world, but needs a financially savvy way to pay for it. The spot ends with E*Trade baby’s pal Bobby, spending time at each newborn girl’s crib, his version of speed-dating. See it here, created by Grey.


DoritosHere’s a link to the five finalists in Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. My favorites are “Sling Baby,” where a Grandma uses her infant grandchild in a swing to steal Doritos away from his annoying older brother, and “Man’s Best Friend,” where a dog gets away with murder by bribing his witness with Doritos. What are your favorites?

I wrote about the Century 21 teaser ad on Wednesday. Now here is the complete ad, running in the third quarter and created by Red Tettemer + Partners.

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