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Miracle Whip Campaign, By Arthur Miller!

  • Adweek, Friday, February 24, 2012 10:33 AM

A new ad for Kraft's Miracle Whip evokes Miller's "The Crucible," and its take on suspicion and mob hysteria. Instead of witches, however, the ad has a Colonial-era crowd looking to burn a jar of Miracle Whip. They approach a house and a girl opens the door to be confronted by a bearded man who speaks for the group. “We have come for the foul, unholy beast. The one with the red markings that sits on the table where you sup,” he declares. The girl, unruffled replies, in a modern-day voice, “The Miracle Whip?” She asked if any in the crowd have actually tried it. None had. When the girl explains the condiment is both sweet and spicy, one guy in the crowd says, "I like sweet!" They leave, chagrined. The ad, via McgarryBowen, Chicago, uses the tag, “Keep an open mouth.”

There are also online, print and outdoor ads that direct consumers to Miracle Whip’s Facebook page, where they can sign up for free samples. Kraft bought time on Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast on ABC to unveil the “Witchhunt” spot.



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