LoJack Goes To Grassroots


Auto theft recovery company LoJack this week launches a grassroots campaign in Boston, Miami, San Diego and Las Vegas, and a matching dealership promotion. 

Designed to showcase the effectiveness of the LoJack System in helping police recover stolen vehicles, the effort by Portland, ME-based Via Agency features cars with giant arrows on top and the message: “We can find our cars. Prove you can for a chance to win.”  

The idea is that in each of the cities, consumers have to track down one of these LoJack-marked cars, shoot photos of it on their mobile phone, and share the shot on the promotion's microsite, Consumers can also use mobile devices to text the picture and the keyword “LoJack” to a short code 60856 to enter.  



The incentive is a roster of tech prizes like Samsung’s Smart cameras, Galaxy Tabs, 60" LED Smart TVs, and LoJack’s Total Extended Warranty Packages.

The Canton, Mass.-based company is supporting the effort with online, on-the-street and at-the-dealership components, and a grand prize of a “technology makeover.” 

Sarah Cook, LoJack’s director of marketing, tells Marketing Daily that grassroots and guerrilla marketing are relatively new for the company, and that this is the largest such effort. “Last summer we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company with promotions and sweepstakes to boost consumer engagement with the brand,” she says. “In the past, our advertising –- whether TV, print or radio –- has tended to be more traditional in terms of delivery of the message. We have been doing that for years, and last summer we began adding a consumer sweepstakes element because we wanted marketing to be more interactive in nature.” 

Cook says that last year the company also started doing specific point-of-sale marketing as an awareness builder. “Right now, we actually have quite a few different elements going on: online ads, both national and local, and street teams.” 

LoJack, which operates in 28 markets, chose Boston, Miami, Las Vegas and San Diego for the campaign because they are among the top sales regions, as well as (no surprise) big auto-theft areas, per Cook. She adds that the new effort also includes a media buy with Yahoo Autos.

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