Out to Launch

SureWomen who sweat -- and really, we all do -- unite for a TV and print campaign for Unilever’s Sure Maximum Protection deodorant. The TV spot features women of all ages, dressed casually for the gym and professionally for a day at the office, as the definition of strong women. Since strong women sweat, Sure deodorant offers twice the protection of its competitors. So sweat on, ladies and be proud of it. The campaign is running in 24 countries. See the TV spot here and print ads here and here, all created by Deutsch New York.




HornbachThe sound of accomplishment is music to any DIYer’s ears. Hornbach launched “Symphony,” the latest TV ad for the home improvement store’s “No one feels it like you do” campaign. The first campaign spot, “Festival,” showed a DIYer having trouble hammering a nail. Upon success, the DIYer achieves a brief moment of rock-star-like accolades. “Symphony” interprets sounds the way a DIYer would. A man using a jackhammer likens the noise to a drum solo, while a woman painting her walls compares the sound from a paint roller to that of a trombone. The spot concludes with a man sawing a piece of wood as he pictures three naked women playing the cello. Be careful: even hand tools can be dangerous. Watch the ad here, created by Heimat, Berlin and directed by Martin Krejci of STINK, Berlin.


HeartRescureProjectColle+McVoy created a powerful PSA and website for The Medtronic Foundation’s HeartRescue Project, which promotes bystander response to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The PSA, “All Alone,” takes place in a mall, where a man suddenly collapses by an escalator. A victim of SCA, the man is unresponsive, as are the bystanders who fail to help him. Watch it here. The PSA drives viewers to to educate them on how to help someone suffering from SCA. The site houses a Save-a-Life-Simulator, created in a “choose your own adventure” style that allows viewers to step inside the shoes of mall-goers who witness the man’s SCA.

DistractedDrivingPerforming your job while distracted can lead to disastrous consequences. The same can be said with distracted driving, the No. 1 killer of teens in America. Impact Teen Drivers launched a bloody PSA to deter teens from taking their focus off driving by looking at their cell phones. A teenager is at the dentist, getting a tooth drilled. The dentist is texting, taking pictures of his assistant, answering a phone call and dancing to music, all while holding the drill in the teen’s mouth. The dentist hits something he shouldn’t have, leaving the teen with a bloody face and writhing in pain. “Dentistry takes focus,” reads copy, as the very same teen is shown driving his car while texting and singing to his favorite song. “Driving takes focus,” closes the ad, shown here and directed by Olivier Agostini.


SauzaCatFiremanEuro RSCG Chicago launched a digital campaign for Sauza Tequila, “Make It With A Fireman.” When the hunky (sometimes-shirtless) fireman isn’t fighting fires and rescuing kittens, he’s helping the ladies make margaritas using Sauza Blue Tequila. The fireman speaks French, combines the ideal margarita ingredients and drives viewers to for additional drink recipes. See it here.


F-itListSome people have a Bucket List. DDB Toronto's Daniel Bonder has “The Fuck-It List.” One week after the Cannes Lions Festival, Bonder turns 29, making him too old to attend the Young Lions Academy. Since he only has a week left to be “young,” he created “The Fuck-It List” as his submission to enter the 2012 Academy. Things accomplished: farting in public; being drunk in public; sex in public; a face tattoo, of a dolphin, no less; and karaoke. See it here. Jon & Torey of FamilyStyle directed the film.


ForeverMarkRandom iPad app of the week: Forevermark diamonds launched “Forevermark: the Promise,” an iPad app created by AKQA that shows users each step that goes into creating a Forevermark diamond, beginning with the mine where it is unearthed and ending with cutting, polishing and jewelry design. The app features a 3D Forevermark diamond that reveals the Forevermark inscription when users zoom in. The 3D model also refracts light. The app also educates consumers about different colors, sizes, cuts and quality standards of diamonds. The app is available for free in the App Store.

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