Samsung Videos Highlight Quality Of Memory

Samsung is more than just TVs, smartphones and consumer electronics. It makes the memory that goes inside many of those devices as well, and the company is looking to tell consumers about it for the first time with a new digital marketing campaign. 

Through a series of videos, the company stresses the importance of having high-quality memory in its PCs, smartphones and other devices. The videos highlight the “pain points” consumers might experience (such as poor battery operation, slow data loading and system freezes) with inferior memory. 

The videos introduce three characters (Loading Ball Larry, Fiona Freeze and Battery Brutus) who can create the problems that come with faulty or sub-par microprocessors and memory. In one video, for instance, Loading Ball Larry, a man wearing a turtleneck and plaid sport coat, hovers ominously in the background as people attempt to work on computers, use a tablet on a bus and give multimedia presentations to crowded rooms. As he comments that the work they’re doing looks important and interesting, Larry uses a rainbow-colored lapel button to cause the programs to pause as the programs load. Other videos show the other characters inflicting similar damage.



The campaign is the first for the company to actively target consumers. Since 2009, the company has used the tagline, “Green Memory,” to educate the business market about the energy advantages of using Samsung semiconductors and memory. The new campaign is intended to de-commoditize the semiconductors, and increase their public perception among consumers. 

“We are looking to communicate with end users about the core benefits and the superiority of Samsung Memory, which can be found in most devices today,” said UnSoo Kim, vice president of memory strategic marketing for Device Solutions and Samsung, in a statement. The company has also launched a microsite, www.samsung.com/Memory, to further educate consumers about its memory product.

The videos will run on Samsung Memory’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SamsungMemory) and on a dedicated YouTube channel. They will also appear on popular websites such as CNET, Wired and Forbes.com.

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