Honda Grabs Super Mario For Indy Push

  • May 22, 2012

Unless you're into motorcycles or auto racing, you might not think of Honda as a racing brand. But the company has been building the engines for the IndyCar series open-wheel racers for around nine years, and has been a dominant force in the IndyCar Series for most of that time.

The company is running an ad campaign touting its association with the Izod IndyCar Series prior to the Indianapolis 500 race on May 27. The effort includes advertising and a sweepstakes featuring Mario Andretti. The effort, via Santa Monica-based Honda agency RPA, touts Honda’s racing spirit and the advanced technology and performance found in the Honda vehicles.

The campaign includes a TV spot in which Andretti sits in a two-seater IndyCar driving a passenger. The voice-over encourages viewers to visit to enter the “Fastest Seat in Sports” sweepstakes to win a ride at the start of an IndyCar race with Andretti. In the spot, a man is encouraged to envision “winning something really cool,” but his lack of ambition leads him through a variety of increasingly comical scenes like a roomful of half-naked bodybuilders and a chaotic paintball course. The spot uses compelling imagery to convey the ultimate experience—a ride with Andretti



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