Rentrak, MasterCard Partner For Media-Buying

Combining key purchase data and TV viewing information, Rentrak has made a deal with MasterCard, hoping to glean better media-buying efforts.

The companies say the deal will allow local and national advertisers and agencies, networks and stations to plan, buy and sell TV programs on the basis of consumer-product consumption trends in categories such as retail, telecommunications, grocery, entertainment, travel and quick-service restaurants. 

"Advertisers continue to struggle with finding the most efficient way to ensure they are reaching the right audiences," stated Susan Grossman, senior vice president of media solutions for MasterCard Advisors.

"MasterCard Advisors leverages real, aggregated transaction data to provide insight into trends around consumer-buying behavior that helps clients make better business decisions."



"As the census-based TV ratings currency, clients have the opportunity to combine the stable and predictive ratings information from Rentrak with the added benefit of analytics derived from MasterCard's database of consumer spending insights. That will result in more effective selling and buying of advertising," said Bill Livek, chief executive officer of Rentrak.

Rentrak's TV census-based ratings data comes from set-top boxes in millions of U.S. homes.

MasterCard Advisors, a unit of MasterCard Worldwide, will provide Rentrak with anonymous, aggregated insights on consumer spending behavior and trends within each category based on billions of transactions.

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