(RED) Gets Into Gaming For Good

Project (Red) has been on everything from T-shirts to greeting cards over its six-year history. Now, it’s putting its name on a video game tournament. 

As part of the organization’s (Red)Rush to Zero campaign (aimed at creating an AIDS-free generation by 2015), the group is hosting Red(Rush) Games, giving average players the chance to play against and alongside celebrities such as Kate Upton, Kris Allen and Michelle Rodriguez. 

The tournament, which is set to coincide with the E3 conference that covers video games and other forms of entertainment, is being powered by STiKS Gaming. Other gaming brands, such as Xbox360, PlayStation, EA and 2K are also supporting the effort.

"Gaming is a passion for millions of people, and (RED) is going to tap into that passion to get people focused and engaged in our efforts to help deliver an AIDS Free Generation by 2015," said Deborah Dugan, CEO of (RED), in a statement. "We're giving gamers an incredibly fun way to compete in a world-class tournament while doing good at the same time." 

The (Red)Rush Games are a part of a larger effort, (Red)Rush to Zero, which includes in-person and digital events and experiences including (Red)Music (giving fans to buy tickets to performances from artists, and Cash & Rocket (Red) Tour, a fundraising road trip through Europe. 



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