Consumer Shopping Preferences Shifting: Online Vs. Traditional

Shopping-AAGrowing positive marketing efforts and results have consumers shifting preferences when it comes to digital shopping versus the in-person shopping.

According to Nielsen, online purchasing for consumers -- when it comes to "easiest" -- tallied a 68% positive response. This compares with mobile purchasing's 27% score and in-store's 20% number.

Online also gets a 68% number when it comes to "most convenient," as well as getting an overall "favorite" score with 59%.

But in-store consumerism -- buying stuff in brick-and-mortar stores -- does have its positives, too. Old-time shopping grabs a 69% score when it comes to "most reliable" and a 77% number when it comes to "safest."

Mobile shopping efforts are growing -- but still behind overall online and traditional shopping.

It was in third place across all measures except for two: It was a distant second to online for “most convenient” (38%) and “easiest (27%).  Its worst effort was with "safety" at only 7%. Online shopping was better at 22%, but still way behind the 77% for traditional shopping.

After traditional shopping's overall 59% in the "favorite" category, online had a 31% score, and mobile took a 13% number.



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