Relevvant Launches With Social, Mobile Targeting Tool

Relevvant launched Tuesday, unveiling a platform combining disparate data sources from mobile and social to support targeted campaigns via display, SMS messages, email and more.

Craig Davis, former banker turned Relevvant founder and CEO, took a passion for complex data sources and algorithms modeled at companies like Credit Suisse and Banc of America, and created a company to support digital marketing and advertising.

Data to create a fuller picture of the audience comes from Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, and Salesforce CRM data, as well as links on mobile and social sites. Consumers must opt in with telephone numbers, but characteristics from social and mobile sites get tied to the number to create models and profiles.

The platform creates performance attribution analyses, which means certain links become attributable to performance from not only telephone data, but consumer characteristics gathered from a variety of sources. A brand can determine, for example, that a campaign generated a 10% click-through rate from mothers in the Midwest, but it also can determine the audience the campaign doesn't reach with the same advertisement. The technology works with location data in real time, triggering messages sent to mobile phones.



Through the Relevant platform, Davis aims to solve the problems of attrition, inadequate targeting relevancy, and consumers feeling like they're being spammed.

The system isn't fully self-serve, but once Relevvant sets up the platform, clients can manage their campaigns through a dashboard.

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