Autolite: 'Get More Motor Out of Your Motor'

  • July 10, 2012

Spark plug maker Autolite, a division of Fram, has launched a new campaign via Dallas independent The Richards Group. The campaign, “Get More Motor Out of Your Motor,” uses literal imagery to show how the products make your motor larger than life. Think back (if you are old enough, and if you aren't just tap into the collective conciousness) to those collectible cards in which gremlins drive hopped-up muscle cars with engines that are as big as the cars. There stickshifts are also oversized, if you recall -- as are the gremlins.

The creative, running in print and digital work and via a partnership with NASCAR, doesn't have the giant stickshifts or the underworld drivers, but it has the big ol' motors. “We wanted Autolite’s new campaign to emphasize our products’ power and affordability to consumers,” said James Cito, Autolite product manager, in a statement.




The creative features heavy-duty trucks, SUVs and motorcycles, each with an oversized motor emerging from the hood. Using the phrase,“The only plug you need to stock,” the creative calls on viewers to take a step up from their old spark plugs by choosing Autolite. The digital work incorporates animation, depicting motors that pop out of vehicle hoods.

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