Old Bay Brings Labels To Life

Old-Bay-B3Old Bay, the popular Chesapeake seasoning owned by McCormick, is blessed to have a recognizable name, label and package design. In a bid for even more engagement, the brand is bringing those static labels to life. 

Using an app called Blippar, the brand is turning its logos and packaging into three-dimensional interactive games such as “Whack-A-Crab” and duckpin bowling. Although the app has been used in campaigns in Europe (for brands such as Nike and Domino’s), this marks the first time it has been used in the U.S. consumer products sector. 

“They’ve done major campaigns [in Europe] with Tesco and Domino’s, and we’ve been working with them since January,” Andrew Foust, digital business development manager for Old Bay, tells Marketing Daily. “We decided to run our first one with Old Bay because of the sheer passion of the brand’s fans. It’s a way to celebrate the brand, and we’ve developed specific games around that.”



The app, which is available through the Android Marketplace and/or the App Store, enables a smartphone’s camera to turn ordinary Old Bay cans, logos and packaging into an augmented reality setting that includes recipes and the aforementioned games. 

“It’s extremely seamless and intuitive, and it’s easy for consumers,” Foust says. “It allows us to keep our existing package exactly how it is, and we can change out the content as we desire.”

In addition, fans in Baltimore (one of Old Bay’s core markets) can also blip the Old Bay Garage (a parking garage decorated to look like a can of Old Bay) and coasters promoting the “Summer of Baytriotism” (the brand’s summer regional promotion) in local bars and restaurants. The games and recipes are tailored to the mid-Atlantic region.

“We looked at games that celebrated the history and patriotism of the mid-Atlantic region,” Foust says. “They celebrate what Baltimore and Old Bay is all about.” 

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