Audi Back In The Game To Tout S

  • September 5, 2012

Audi is launching new advertising as part of its media commitment to the NFL. The campaign backs the 2013 Audi S variants. The company says the campaign represents a first: the company has never touted its full line of performance sub-branded S models The campaign, “Heighten Every Moment” launches with a 60-second TV spot debuting on the 2012 NFL kickoff game, Sept. 5 on NBC. Audi also will be in the Super Bowl for the sixth time in a row. 

The 60-second spot, featuring the 2013 Audi S8, will run in the first break after kickoff during the Sept. 5 game. The ad, taking its creative cue from heist films, uses the S8 in a bank robbery scene, with a mystery about whether there actually was a robbery or something imagined by the driver, with the message that the S driving experience can create that kind of hallucination-enducing thrill. Audi says the ad will air on NFL on CBS and NBC, and networks like Food, FX, National Geographic, ESPN, USA, CNN, and AMC.  A 30-second version also will be viewable on,,, Yahoo, and more.



The company says the Super Bowl XLVII spot will be created by San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners. Last year's ad touted Audi as a vampire reduction device: the headlights of the car, which a vampire is driving to an evening picnic of neck biters, turn all attendees to dust. In 2011, Audi made fun of the soporific stylings of fusion jazzer Kenny G, who plays a prison guard. Audi got into the big game In 2008 with an ad that made fun of old luxury by using the famous horse-head in bed scene from "The Godfather." 


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