In A Word, BuzzFeed Music Event Was So OMG (Okay, So It's An Acronym, Not A Word, But You Get My Drift)

EKeyesASpiegelThe digital elite were out on the town Tuesday night to fête the launch of BuzzFeed’s new music vertical, BuzzFeed Music and their partnership with Rdio, a Web-based music streaming service. The partnership will allow BuzzFeed to use its music channel and homepage as a place where users can discover new music through sponsored Rdio posts and units.

To help celebrate the launch, BuzzFeed’s music editor, Matthew Perpetua (@perpetua), invited the Divine Fits to rock the private event with songs from their newly released album.  Let me tell you, these are exciting times for indie rock fans, because the Divine Fits are not just any band. The band is actually a collaboration between members of Spoon (Britt Daniel) and Wolf Parade (Dan Boeckner). Both bands have extremely loyal followers (myself included), which made this private performance extra awesome for partygoers. 



WolfParadeToddOlmsteadAgency folks from Horizon were out showing their support at the party (they worked on the BuzzFeed and Rdio integration). We were lucky enough to run into a new addition to the Horizon team and former colleague, Keith O’Brien, who will be co-piloting their social initiatives.

We also caught up with Mike Hayes, social media editor at BuzzFeed. This guy always brings a smile to my face when I see him or read his articles like America’s Leaders as Rubbable GIFs. 

In addition to the NYC agency crew, a host of writers and editors were taking in the show from Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Details, Mashable and The Village Voice. 

To use BuzzFeed’s rating system, we’d give this party an “OMG” and a “WIN.”

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