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Axe Sponsors Comedy Tour


Axe Hair has teamed up with young comedians to create the "Splitting Hairs" Comedy Tour in conjunction with Comedy Central.

Kicking off at the New York Comedy Festival on Nov. 9, each "Splitting Hairs" live show will feature Abby Elliott and Owen Benjamin. The show will include live and pre-taped segments and audience participation. Comedian David Koechner will serve as moderator.

To uncover attraction truths that will be discussed by the comedians during the tour, the Unilever-manufactured brand surveyed 1,000 guys and girls, ages 18-24 years old and found that 66% of girls said the quality or style of a guy's hair can make him more or less attractive. More than half of girls agreed that it's important to date a guy who has similar standards for their hair as their own



Six out of ten girls admitted they wouldn't be interested in touching a guy's hair if it looked greasy or dirty, so wannabe rock stars and hipsters beware.

"We're thrilled to have talented comedians to provide a no-holds-barred look into the attraction game from both sides of the gender aisle," said David Rubin, marketing director for AXE Hair, in a release."The show really brings to life how first impressions, like the right or wrong hairstyle, can play into the ultimate success or failure for guys."

Following the premiere in New York City, the tour will stop in five more cities across the U.S., including: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville and Columbia, S.C.

Axe Hair will be a premier sponsor of the third annual Variety Power of Comedy fundraiser on Nov. 17 at the Avalon Hollywood. Hosted by Joel McHale and honoring Seth MacFarlane, the night will showcase a number of comedic performances, including Axe Hair's very own Owen Benjamin, to support the Noreen Fraser Foundation, which raises funds for women's cancer research.


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