Nielsen Buys SocialGuide, Extends Social TV Data Reach

Watching-TV-AA1Nielsen continues to build its social media research efforts -- now with the acquisition of TV program-focused SocialGuide.

SocialGuide provides real-time social TV data for over 30,000 programs on U.S. TV channels in English and Spanish. The company provides marketers and other TV-related companies with analytics and data, which allow networks to engage with social TV consumer activity in real-time.

The new business will be folded into NM Incite, Nielsen's in-house social media unit, a joint venture between Nielsen and management consultant McKinsey & Company. NM Incite says it provides data to the top 1,000 marketers, operating in 30 markets around the world.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“The skyrocketing adoption and use of social media among consumers is transforming TV-watching into a more immediate and shared experience," stated Steve Hasker, president of global media products and advertiser solutions at Nielsen. "As TV networks see this phenomenon unfold, they require understanding of the impact of social TV on their programming, ratings and advertising effectiveness.”

“There is no greater opportunity to establish industry metrics and standards in social TV than bringing Nielsen, NM Incite and SocialGuide together," added Sean Casey, founder of SocialGuide.



Nielsen says social TV interactions continue to grow, affecting traditional TV viewing -- with, for example, more than 33% of Twitter users actively tweeting about TV-related content.

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