Adobe Brings TV-Like Content To Online Publishers

Ashley-Still-AAdobe has integrated video ad server Auditude with analytics platform SiteCatalyst and data management platform AudienceManager as part of Project Primetime, the company's integrated video technology platform that publishes and monetizes broadcast TV content. The move aims to help video publishers optimize professional content across devices, giving consumers a TV-like content experience, buffer-free, across Web-connected devices.

Ashley Still, director of product management at media and Advertisers solutions at Adobe, said the integration with SiteCatalyst should supply publishers with a common view of engagement and ad data, such as revenue generated.

Americans viewed 9.4 billion video ads in September 2012, with each of the top five video ad properties -- such as Google, BrightRoll and Hulu -- delivering more than 1 billion video ads, according to comScore. The data firm estimates 3.4 billion minutes of online video ads viewed across more than 50% of the U.S. population in the same month.

All impression, campaign and revenue data from Auditude becomes part of SiteCatalyst.

Adobe can now provide marketers with a chart showing the engagement rates with a video, along with ad breaks to determine revenue and where viewers might have closed the browser. Marketers can now do A/B testing, for example, between shorter pre-rolls or fewer mid-rolls to determine whether that increases or reduces the audience.

The integration between Auditude and AudienceManager gives publishers the ability to bring in CRM and other first-party data and join it with third- or second-party data to create audience segments, such as gender, age, purchase intent or other data the company doesn't have. For example, a company with a segment aimed at techies can bring the data into Auditude and traffic all the ad campaigns based on the segments, Still said.

Adobe also will launch the PrimeTime tool MediaWeaver that allows publishers to replace broadcast TV commercials with digital ads for content running on the publisher's Web site. The company also will launch MediaPlayer, a way for Adobe to support digital TV content that goes into tablets.

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