Mobile Accounts For 16.26% Of Black Friday Online Sales

BlackFridayIn its final analysis of Black Friday e-commerce activity, IBM reported this weekend that mobile platforms were responsible for 16.26% of overall online sales for the day, up 65.24% from the same day last year. Just as significant is mobile’s place in the overall shopping mix, with 24.04% of traffic to over 500 major sites monitored by IBM coming from smartphones or tablets.

While activity was up, the conversion rate on mobile traffic declined slightly from last year, to 2.72% from 2.78%. For all online e-commerce traffic, the conversion rate was 4.58%. Nevertheless, IBM finds that mobile devices play a considerable role in shopping, with 58% of consumers using their device to look for bargains at some point on Black Friday, as did 41% using tablets.



Among devices, the iPad surged in use this year, responsible on Friday for 9.75% of traffic, up 105.26% from its 4.75% share last year. iPhone was far and away responsible for the most smartphone traffic to e-commerce (8.71% of overall  activity, up 61.90%), while Android has a 5.53% share, with slower 36.54% growth.

Despite Apple’s declining share in the tablet market, little of that fragmentation was evident on Friday when 88% of tablet traffic came from the iPad. The Barnes & Noble Nook was ahead of the Amazon Kindle, with 3.1% of the tablet traffic compared to 2.4%.  

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