Out To Launch

SealyPorno music, a woman speaking French and a mattress tester shaped like a rump star in the latest TV ad for Sealy. The tagline states: “It’s better on springs. Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it,” and the brand means business, placing its mattresses through rigorous tests before hitting showroom floors. See it here. Like a good neighbor, Sealy is there? The second ad shows rattling pictures and lights, and neighbors with different reactions to one couple’s loud bedroom activities. One woman feels frisky; an elderly couple yearns for peace and quiet, and two guys grab drinking glasses to cup a better listen. Watch it here. Arcana Academy created the campaign.



OldNavyOld Navy is back to making my brain think it’s the early ‘90s with a holiday TV spot starring Jordan Knight and three of the four Boyz II Men. “Twas the Jordan Knight Before Christmas” is narrated by Johnny Mathis and features an unsuspecting family whose holiday becomes more festive when Jordan Knight appears from behind the fireplace, singing a tweaked version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Knight’s version includes plaid shirts, festive sweaters and a visit from the three wise Boyz II Men, bearing additional Old Navy gifts. Watch it here, created by CP+B.

KoboKeeping with the holiday spirit: a TV ad running in Canada, New Zealand and Australia for the Kobo e-Reader. In this ad, bedtime stories are read from e-books rather than print ones. What about the pictures? “A Father’s Tale” begins with Santa’s elves at the North Pole feverishly working on e-readers of all sizes to ship out for Christmas. Santa uses an impressive telescope post-holiday to find a father using his Kobo to read his daughters a story. See it here, created in-house and directed by Ed McCulloch of Holiday Films.

HDMXWoods Witt Dealy & Sons launched a video for HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speakers that begins with a food fight using lots of jelly. Jam Speakers. Jelly fight. I’ll go with it. A skateboarding hipster stops to unleash his Jam Speaker in Brooklyn. Once the music plays, additional jam is spread from rooftops and vans. I do love the idea of a jam-filled balloon. The spot ends with a group of people, covered in jam and undoubtedly sticky, dancing in the street. “Where there’s Jam, there’s a party,” closes the video, seen here.

DamivaNow it’s time to talk vaginas. Damiva, a women’s health and beauty company, launched its first two products, Mae and Frida. Mae by Damiva is a vaginal moisturizer inspired by Mae West while Frida, a facial cream to prevent facial hair growth, was named for Frida Kahlo. Open, Toronto created the branding, product names, package design and POP poster campaign for the brand, using bold copy like: “Get ready to feel like a teenager again. But with better judgment.” and “Drier than a British comedy? Honey, you are not alone.” See them here, here, here and here.

DomesticViolenceW&Cie created a pro bono ad marking the 20th anniversary of Domestic Violence Information. “Le Souffle” or “Breath” promotes 3919, the Domestic Violence Information phone number. In France, an estimated one out of ten women is the victim of domestic violence. The ad features angry men about to rush toward the camera to assault someone. The closer they get to the camera, however, the men are blown back and appear to be stuck in a wind tunnel. The spot ends with a woman blowing out a candle on a birthday cake, marking the anniversary of 3919. Watch it here, produced by Wanda Productions.

SmokeBabyThe Vermont Department of Health created a poster and banner campaign using a “Smoke Baby” to deter pregnant women from smoking. The ad uses cigarette smoke in the shape of an umbilical cord and baby in untero alongside copy: “When you smoke, your baby smokes. Smoking while pregnant causes birth defects, brain damage and regret. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit” See the ad here, created by Kelliher Samets Volk.


TilexThink of mold and mildew as that annoying TV show you wish the network would cancel. That’s what The Clorox Company did when it created a great set of online videos for its Tilex brand. Videos introduce viewers to Sonny Mold & Frankie Mildew in a sitcom format, complete with audience applause and laugh track, not to mention an '80s-sounding sitcom theme. In “Lady Cupcakes,” Frankie Mildew brings home a pet: a ferret named Lady Cupcakes, who doesn’t get along well with Sonny. See it here. In “Masks,” Sonny asks Frankie to buy a pair of masks to use when they take part in a robbery. Frankie returns with sleep masks. Hilarity ensues. See it here. Evolution Bureau created the videos.

WineAppRandom iPhone App of the week: Wine Spectator magazine launched WineRatings+, a wine ratings app for casual drinkers or connoisseurs. For free, users can browse Wine Spectator’s wine charts, watch videos and read its daily news feed. For $2.99 per month, users can browse a database of wine ratings and filter options by price, score, producer, name and region. There’s also a “Picks” section that features editors’ choices of top wines and values. Download it here.

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