Infiniti: Here Comes Q, There Goes, M, G, FX

  • December 17, 2012

Infiniti is changing car nomenclature. Gone are like "M", "G" and "FX" followed by numbers representing engine capacity. Instead, all cars and SUVs will begin with Q for sedans and QX for SUV's. The  first  model  will  be  the  Q50, an  all-­new  premium  sports  sedan  to  be  unveiled  at  the   North  American  International  Auto  Show  in  January  2013.  

Also, displacing displacement indicators will  be double-digit numbers meant to place the vehicle within the portfolio hierarchy rather like What BMW does with 3, 5, 7, etc. 

Johan   de   Nysschen,   President   of   Infiniti  Motor  Company  Limited, who has been on board for a few months along with the move of the brand's global headquarters from Japan to Hong Kong, explains that the change simplifies things for Infiniti. He added, in a press conference this evening, that it also makes more sense because the lineup is about to expand both up and down: more premium, true luxury cars, and more entry luxury vehicles. He also hinted at a range of smaller vehicles for the latter category. 



The rollout begins next year, starting with the Q50, with on-sale date coinciding with the traditional model year switchover, when inventories of late model cars are relatively low. He explained that the timing reduces as much as possible the confusion consumer might find themselves at the showroom, when looking at an old M and its Q replacement. 

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