Out To Launch

GoogleAh, the New Year’s resolution. It could be something major, like letting go of the past or accepting that the one you love doesn’t love you back. Or it could be something fun, like trying crazy foods or skydiving. Top on most people’s list, though, is to lose weight and get in shape. And so begins a TV spot for Google Play. A motivated user begins a body transformation by creating an ideal workout mix that includes the theme from “Rocky” and Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.” The next step is sharing said goal with all Google+ friends, watch motivational movies like “Chariots of Fire” and “Run Fat Boy Run,” and download workout apps. The only things left to download are healthy recipes. And this is where our user falls off the wagon and downloads anything and everything related to cookies. Turns out, our user trying to start 2013 on a healthy note is Cookie Monster, whose resolution will start a day late. Watch “New Me” here, created by Mullen SF and Google.



KelloggsKellogg’s launched a global TV spot called “Defined by a Number.” In it, we begin with a newborn baby given a number on a scale before a name. As kids, we’re given weight and height numbers -- and as adults, we define ourselves by the number staring back at is from the scale. Rather than focus on a number, women should focus on more important things like pride, confidence and self-esteem. The ad, running in the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Mexico, is part of the brand’s ongoing “What Will You Gain When You Lose” campaign. See the ad here, created by Leo Burnett Chicago.

QuakerClimb every mountain, regardless of size. The Quaker Oats Company launched “Quaker Up” to both illustrate how oatmeal provides important nutrients and to turn the word Quaker into a verb. (Of course, Google feels the exact opposite about its name being used as a verb!) The debut ad, “Hill,” begins with a boy with big dreams and a hearty breakfast appetite. After he eats his oatmeal, he sets off on a journey to bike the highest mountain in town. He successfully makes it, running to the snow-covered mountaintop and raising his hands, ala Rocky Balboa. In reality, the kid biked to the top of a hill in his town and jumps for joy atop a picnic bench. See it here, created by Energy BBDO Chicago.

SamsungSamsung Electronics has reteamed with James Franco to promote its GALAXY Camera. Users follow Franco around his house party as he takes perfect pictures. The camera is equipped with WiFi, allowing Franco to easily post pictures to Facebook and email photos to friends. In addition, Franco can also edit photos from the camera and upload pictures to the cloud, in case the camera is lost or damaged. Watch it here, created by SXM.


KathyGriffinTo promote the second season of her talk show on Bravo, Kathy Griffin pokes fun at her “Suddenly Susan” co-star Brooke Shields with a Griffin-esque take on Shields’ Calvin Klein ad of the 1980s. In “Underwear,” Griffin tells viewers that the only thing that comes between her and her couch are famous celebrities, dishing dirt. The spot ends with Griffin’s jeans wishing she wore underwear. Watch it here, created by Stun Creative.


GEGE is creating machines so technologically advanced that other machines are taking note and wanting a look. Various machines, my favorite being K.I.T.T. from “Knight Rider,” are on an unknown journey by foot, bus, plane, escalator and subway. Their destination is GE headquarters, where “brilliant machines are transforming the way we work.” See it here, created by BBDO New York.


JimmyJohnsRandom iPhone App of the week: Evolution Bureau launched the Jimmy John’s Sandwich Cannon that allows users to launch Jimmy John’s sandwiches at unsuspecting targets like your friends and co-workers. The app lets players shoot Jimmy John’s sandwiches, ninjas, dollar bills or kittens on to a live target, via camera, or a picture in your photo album. Players can also record and share a video of the explosion on Facebook, Twitter, or email. The app is available for free in the App Store.


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