Out To Launch

Booking.ComWhen you book a vacation online, it can either go really well or really badly. In its first campaign for the U.S. market, shows travelers who nailed it when selecting a vacation destination. Throughout the ad, a familiar swear word is replaced with the word “booking,” making copy sounds like this: “look at the booking view,” “bask in the booking glory” and “this is exactly what you booking needed.” The 60-second spot begins with weary travelers eager to unpack and check out their rooms. There’s a sliver of anxiety before the door opens, where travelers pray to the traveling gods that their room and view match the online description that convinced them to book. When it does, the anxiety melts away and the scenery is carefully viewed, like the hot yoga instructor leading a class on the beach. See it here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and directed by Traktor. Wieden+Kennedy New York handled the media buy.



DietPepsiSofia Vergara, wedding crasher? The actress will stop at nothing to get a can of Diet Pepsi, even if it means giving an impromptu wedding toast to complete strangers. The spot, which broke during last week’s Golden Globes, shows a quick-thinking Vergara giving a toast to her favorite soft drink and a happily married couple. Watch it here, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day New York.


UPTrain"Travel Happy" is a colorful, animated journey through Toronto, promoting a stress-free way to commute. The online video supports the Union Pearson Express, or UP for short, which is coming to Toronto in 2015. The high-speed train will connect the city’s downtown hub to its international airport in a mere 25 minutes. Beats the clogged highways. The video offers an informative trip through busy Toronto, explaining UP’s stops throughout the city. Watch it here, created by Winkreative and produced by Guru Studio.

State FarmState Farm launched a cute TV spot under its current “Born to Assist” umbrella, starring Chris Paul, point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers and big time assist man. In it, Paul is separated at birth from his twin brother Cliff Paul. As each brother grows up, both are eager to assist others, Chris on the basketball court and Cliff in everyday life events. As adults, it comes as no surprise that Chris joins the NBA and Cliff becomes a State Farm agent. But when the pair bumps into one another in an elevator… well, it’d make a great follow-up commercial. See it here, created by Translation.

ToshibaEven superheroes and mobsters need to meet on the fly. That’s where Toshiba’s Mobile Monitor, a 14-inch screen that connects to a laptop, comes in. Print ads feature spontaneous meetings of superheroes presenting a plan to overtake the bad guys and mobsters outlining the future location of a man tied up in the trunk of a car. Like they really needed a PowerPoint for that? See the ads here and here, created by goodness Mfg.


RedLobsterIf it were possible to live on Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits alone, I’d certainly give it a try. The brand’s latest work targets the Hispanic market and promotes a 15 for under $15 core menu. Using the new tagline “Disfruta un Mar de Sabores (Enjoy a Sea of Flavors),” the spot stars Ariana Paz, a real server at the Gainesville, Fla., Red Lobster, as she shares her love of food with the families she serves. Watch it here, created by Wing.


OkemoOkemo Mountain Resort launched a local print campaign prepping visitors to “get ready to fun in your snow pants.” My idea of fun in snow pants involves me sitting in front of a hot fire, drinking something warm with a little octane. Another ad, geared toward kids, encourages them to “leave no snow un-skied, un-tubed or un-forted.” See creative here and here, created by KSV.


MoenMoen launched a pair of TV ads featuring its MotionSense faucet and Spot Resist Finish faucet. The MotionSense faucet is one smart device. A woman washing dishes, fruits and vegetables, and grabbing a glass of water, never needs to get her hands wet; she simply motions above the faucet and the water starts pouring. See it here. In the next ad, seen here, spots are shown on a family pet, a woman’s dress and throughout a kitchen, except for the sink that resists fingerprints and water spots. The Martin Agency created the campaign, directed by Sophie Gateau.

StepAppRandom iPhone App of the week: Trollbäck + Company created Step for the iPhone and iPad, an app that allows users to create their own stop motion and timelapse movies and export them as Quicktimes or animated gifs. The app is easy enough for kids to create movies, yet powerful for serious filmmaking. Users can share finished work on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. The app costs $1.99 in the App Store.

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