Foursquare Launches App For Businesses To Check Up On Check-Ins

Foursquare-App-B2The local social mobile network Foursquare has released an app aimed at small and local business owners who want to manage their presence on the service. Foursquare for Business puts into app form many of the tools that are already available to merchants via the Web. Managers can post news updates and images from their phones and share the updates across Facebook and Twitter. The app allows for monitoring user check-ins at the location. Merchants can also post new offers and create Foursquare specials.

According to a blog post at the company Web site, Foursquare for business also allows the owner to consult data around recent customers and turn specials on or off. The app is available in both iOS and Android versions and can manage one or more locations for a business owner or manager. 



Foursquare says that over one million businesses have claimed their location in the network. The company says it has had over half a billion check-ins worldwide in just the last three months. Starting several years ago with an emphasis on the user check-in activity, using badges to incentivize interactivity, recent iterations of the Foursquare have pivoted away from that initial model. Local resource discovery and offers are now emphasized in the app experience.

Recently Foursquare touted its increased ability to use check-in patterns and your social graph to power recommendations for users in any given area. “We like to think of it as our version of Google PageRank for the real world,” they say in a post this month. 

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