Super Bowl Ads Measured In Relevancy, Audi Parks In Top Spot


Scoring the value of the Super Bowl XLVII these days comes down to advertising and searches, rather than scrimmages and touchdowns.

This year, Experian Marketing Services created an ad relevancy model to determine ROI and ad value.

Audi takes the top ad relevancy score of 167 when combining brand purchase behavior and the universe of brand user and Super Bowl viewer statistics, according to Experian Marketing Services. That means an estimated 67% lift in likelihood that someone will purchase from the brand when targeting the ad to the Super Bowl audience.

The model estimates Audi spent the most "per likely buyer" of any Super Bowl advertisers, based on the price tag of more than $4 million for a 30-second spot and market size of potential buyers. Rescaling the ad relevancy score to take into consideration the number of likely buyers changes the outcome; it looks at the cost of the ad per thousand likely buyers reached.



Budweiser, Best Buy, E*Trade, and Chrysler round out the top five spots, with ad relevancy scores of 133, 128, 125, and 124, respectively.

Assuming each advertiser runs one 30-second spot, the top two brands at the lowest cost per likelier buyer reached are Coke and Tide.

While Experian created a method to determine a brand's lift, Microsoft Bing analyses searches on its engine to predict the winning team. The San Francisco 49ers drive twice as many searches on Bing than the Baltimore Ravens, with the team's quarterback Colin Kaepernick leading the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco by more than double the searches.

The sports entertainment and marketing firm said its sponsorship evaluation division, Front Row Analytics, will evaluate ads in real-time and deliver results on its Twitter @FRAnalytics or #SuperBowl24hours. The analysis will span across Web sites, television, and social media, exposure received by the National Football League and Superdome partners, as well as broadcast advertisers.

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