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oreoAs I previously mentioned in my post-Super Bowl column, the ads were pretty dismal. One surprise that followed the 30-minute blackout was the speed at which marketers used this to their advantage. I disliked the Oreo big-game spot, but the brand well made up for it during the blackout by releasing an ad on the fly to its Twitter account. It was a simple, yet perfect picture of an Oreo alongside copy stating: “You can still dunk in the dark.” See it here, created by 360i

OldSpiceOld Spice launched a pair of online videos to promote its Wild Collection of scents: Foxcrest, Hawkridge and Wolfhorn. "Irresistible," promoting the Wolfthorn scent, actually ran during the Super Bowl in Juneau, Ala., the state with the most wolves. In it, a woman is unwittingly drawn to a handsome man at a black tie function. Is his appeal due to the fact that two live wolves are on his back, growling constantly? Watch it here. The video promoting Hawkridge is equally out there. A high-stakes poker game has two players left: one man with the winning hand, and the other with swagger, confidence and a group of hawks psyching out the competition. See it here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.



SnickersThe latest celebs in Snickers’ “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign are Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait. Williams plays a hungry football coach who misdirects his players on a fourth down. In a John Wayne impression, Williams tells his players to make balloon animals, tea cozies and kill their opponents with kindness. Once the coach has a Snickers, he’s back to his old self. The spot ends with Goldthwait playing a hungry cheerleader who falls from the top of a human pyramid. See it here, created by BBDO New York.

PlantersAs part of Planters' Heart Healthy campaign, Mr. Peanut created some sexy video e-cards that you can send to a significant other via the Facebook app “Keep That Heart Pumping.” From Feb. 1 through 28, fans can choose one of three e-cards starring Mr. Peanut that can be personalized in different ways. An intro video shows Mr. Peanut lying on a rug in boxer shorts, taking self-portraits with his new camera phone. See it here. Users who view or share videos will receive a coupon for Planters Peanuts. TBWA created the campaign. launched a 30-second spot that follows one of the families highlighted in the brand’s fist ad, “Booking.yeah.” In “Booking Right,” a family, wearied from travel, walks down the hallway to their room. One kid was airsick, another left his shoes at the airport and the last is a teenager who would rather be anywhere else than with her family. Attitudes change drastically once the door opens to a spectacular room with a killer view. Watch it here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

AllstateAllstate launched a Spanish language TV spot, "Bleacher," featuring Mexican National Team Goalkeeper Memo Ochoa. A quick-footed soccer player makes his way down the field, looking to score an easy goal. When he makes eye contact with Ochoa, fans inside the stadium hold signs that form a lifelike image of Ochoa. The man shoots, but doesn’t score. “Proteccion es la jugada” (Protection is our game), closes the ad. Watch it here, created by Lapiz.


NissanNissan set a Guinness World Record at Dubai International for having the largest backlit indoor ad. The ad reaches 100% of the passengers going through Terminals 1 and 3 at Dubai International. I’m not surprised. How can you miss something this big? See it here. The campaign was handled locally by TBWA\RAAD and globally by TBWA Worldwide.



Girl ScoutsRandom iPhone App of the week: Craving some Thin Mints or Tagalongs but don’t know where to get Girl Scouts cookies? There’s a redesigned app for that. The Girl Scouts of the USA relaunched their Cookie Finder app, just in time for National Girl Scout Cookie Day on Feb. 8. The Cookie Finder app uses a phone’s GPS to find where and when Girl Scout cookies are being sold. The app also focuses on program aspects such as the 5 Skills section, which explores the skills that help girls become leaders and entrepreneurs: goal setting, decision-making, money management, business ethics and people skills. The app is free in the App Store.


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