Ford Brings Back Fiesta Movement

Starting with Fiesta Movement in 2009, Ford has probably used social media as a launch platform more than just about any automaker. It's definitely the first to introduce a vehicle entirely through social channels (the Explorer crossover). 
On Tuesday, appropriately enough, the company used Social Media Week in New York  as a soap box for introducing its latest effort. This one's for the 2014 model of the Fiesta. The campaign is called Fiesta Movement: A Social Remix. As the automaker did when it ran Fiesta Movement, the company is again going to 100 "influencers" -- people with a lot of followers on social media -- to experience the car and talk about it.  Scott Monty, Ford's global digital and multimedia communications manager -- Wizard of Oz for the automaker's social strategies talked about the automaker's socially-engaged business and revealed the new program. 
"It's taking everything you knew about Fiesta movement and expanding it," he said. The program started on Tuesday It will also bring back alumni to rejoin, possibly. "The paid media, elements that help amplify the program will come from digital media," he said. "American Idol, Summer X Games and Bonaroo." Also consumer contributions and ideas will be eligible to be Ford ad content. All ads will incorporate user generated content," said Montly.

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