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Canadian Film FestWhat if “Goodfellas” was shot in Canada, or James Bond was Canadian? Famous movie plots were given a Canadian twist in three short films created for the Canadian Film Festival. Remember that scene in “Goodfellas” when Joe Pesci kills a young guy for not bringing him a drink? In the Canadian version, the kid would live and be taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the foot, thanks to universal healthcare. See it here. If James Bond were Canadian, love scenes would take longer to come to fruition, since it takes time to get out of a one-piece long john. Watch it here. The last film takes on “Sin City” and the conversion problems caused by the metric system. See it here. JWT Canada created the campaign.



CassiesSticking with Canadian awards, let’s take a look art three ads promoting the Cassies Awards. Creative positions the awards as something only your clients care about. When a man wins his Cassies, he shows up at his ex-wife’s doorstep, proclaiming he’s finally a winner. See it here. A proud father, and Cassies award winner, informs his teenage daughter about his win. She cuts her call short and opts to text with a friend, thereby acting like a typical teen. Watch it here. The last person who wants to see your Cassies is a police officer who has pulled you over. A woman is asked to get out of her car and brings her award with her. See it here. john st. created the campaign, directed by Aleysa Young of Untitled Films.

OrbitA highbrow polo match turns lowbrow for one man, whose cheesy nacho snack overstays its welcome. The solution is Orbit gum and its cheery spokeswoman, who kicks the nachos down a flight of stairs. Watch it here. No one wants bad breath at 30,00 feet, following subpar airplane food. You never know whom you’ll sit next to. Break out the Orbit. See it here. Energy BBDO created the campaign.


IntelVenables Bell & Partners launched a TV spot for the Intel Ultrabook that answers the question: where do old laptops go? They’re handed down to the children of the house. In “Kids,” the children are twin boys who are unafraid to drop, pull and spill orange juice all over their mom’s old, clunky laptop. With James Lipton as the voiceover, you start to feel for the poor laptop, especially when he loses his eye (web cam). "Out with the old, in with the Ultrabook," closes the ad, seen here.

CA LotteryTo launch Powerball in California, the California Lottery made it snow white lottery balls as a choir sings “California Dreamin’.” Quite the atypical lotto ad. I like it. “Snowfall” begins with a few white lottery balls falling inside a forest and near the Golden Gate Bridge. Soon, “snow” covers yards, pools, beaches and streets. Californians make snow angels and stare at the sky in amazement. The spot ends with the winning red ball landing in one man’s hand. “Believe in Something Bigger. Powerball,” closes the ad, seen here, and created by David&Goliath.

HeinikenAfter 48 hours of nonstop travel, this guy must reek. Promoting the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League football, Heineken launched a 2:20 video depicting the lengths a man will go to arrive at his intended destination. Our Heineken hunk is presented with football tickets on a whim and must travel from the Amazon to London in 48 hours. He leaves with a knapsack, two bottles of Heineken and the clothes on his back. This guy doesn’t just hop a plane, he swims, walks through the jungle, hitches rides on a train, motorcycle, car and helicopter -- all while meeting an eclectic group of people. When the man arrives at the stadium, he greets an attractive woman, who never once gives him the stink-eye about his stinky odor. What an actress. See it here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

SolixirSolixir, an all-natural drink brand, launched a campaign that plays off society’s love of zombies. I wish I could love this campaign as much I do “The Walking Dead.” “The Working Dead” launched with zombies overtaking high-traffic pedestrian areas in Chicago. We all work hard and play hard, sometimes to the point when we resemble zombies. The solution is Solixir and its many flavors, to help those who are tired, stressed, hungover or sick. But really, we all know this can’t help, because we’re all infected! See creative here, here, here, here and here, created by Wilburn Thomas.

Perry EllisPerry Ellis launched a print campaign that serves as an extension of its “Very Perry” brand campaign where black-and-white ads are given a pop of color, thanks to Ellis. Three men and one woman are shown in classic black-and-white photos with one bright colored item, whether it’s a parrot, hat, butterfly, plastic cowboy figure or cologne bottle. See ads here, here, here, here and here, created by YARD.


Mont Blanc AppRandom iPad App of the week: Montblanc created “Timepieces” for the iPad to support its 2013 watch collection. The app showcases more than 40 watches across Montblanc’s six collections, along with the brand’s history and heritage. My favorite part of the app is True View, which allows users to measure the width of their wrists and see how a specific watch will look on their wrist. AKQA created the free app. Download it here.


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