Out To Launch

KraftKraft Dressings launched a TV campaign called “Let’s Get Zesty” that stars a hunk named the Zesty Guy who gives women some kitchen eye candy and an extra pair of hands while cooking. Zesty Guy hosts a mock cooking show, and in the first ad, seen here, he burns his shirt off, leaving nothing but chiseled abs. When seasoning a chicken, Zesty Guy wears a barrage of aprons… and nothing else. See it here. Zesty Guy smacks his dough into shape and loses his shirt again, this time to the salad spinner. Watch it here. Zesty Guy is so hot, he melts butter in the final ad, “Steamy.” See it here. BEING Los Angeles created the campaign and Starcom handled the media buy.



GEAgent Smith, the software program created to remove human instability from “The Matrix,” stars in GE’s latest Brilliant Machines campaign, “Agent of Good.” The ad depicts how GE machines in hospitals are equipped with high-tech software, allowing doctors, nurses and even MRI machines to access patient data faster, resulting in less wait time in emergency rooms and an impressed Agent Smith. Watch it here, created by BBDO New York.


StarburstMichael Bolton is busy. When he’s not receiving countless wrong number phone calls, thanks to Optimum, he’s apparently serenading trees on behalf of Starburst. When one woman asks her friend how Starburst gets so juicy, her friend gives a whimsical answer that involves Michael Bolton’s smooth voice singing to trees that produce juicy Starburst flavors. Not surprisingly, the pal looks skeptical. See it here. When faced with this same question, another set of friends stick with the whimsical to explain Starburst’s juiciness. This time around, the juice comes from the tears of a dragon, laughing hard at viral videos, namely Keyboard Cat. Watch it here. DDB Chicago created the campaign.

CallOfDutyA trailer for “Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising” solves a dilemma that many gamers face: How can they work and still devote countless hours to gaming? That’s where the Replacer, played by Peter Stormare, comes in. He’s back, and he has an assistant, J.B. Smoove. The pair step in and cover your day job, so you can devote more time to gaming. The trailer follows the pair as they take on the role of sandwich-maker, lawyer, bad cop, hot dog vendor, weatherman, cable guy, surgeon and dutiful boyfriend. See it here, created by 72andSunny.

OldNavyI pity the fool who doesn’t wear an Old Navy shirt in Mr. T’s presence. Who knows what he’ll do at 40,000 feet? Mr. T served as pitchman last year for Old Navy’s Best Tees and returned this year to promote the Old Navy Best Tees Sale. Passengers on a plane are anonymously upgraded with colorful, stylish tees, until Mr. T busts through a bathroom door to explain the perks of buying an Old Navy tee. After his spiel, Mr. T can relax and enjoy the ride. Watch it here, created by CP+B.


DrPepperDr Pepper TEN launched a TV spot targeting men and fans of “Grizzly Adams.” “Mountain Man” follows a rugged, manly man through the woods. He doesn’t use GPS for direction; he looks up to the sky. He speaks to eagles and eats tree bark for protein. When he goes hand-fishing in a river, he doesn’t catch a salmon, but an ice-cold Dr Pepper TEN. Mountain Man also canoes with a black bear and lets the bear do all the work. Watch it here, created by Deutsch Los Angeles.


CatelliCatelli smart pasta elicits quality family time while being nutritious, too. A TV spot shows a family of four at dinner. Mom, Dad and little brother listen intently as big sister animatedly describes her day. The pasta makes for an easily prepared meal, meaning everyone was able to enjoy dinner together. Watch it here, created by The BrainStorm Group.


QuakerI can totally relate to this young swimmer in an ad for Quaker. For me, swimming is way harder than it looks. After I swim a full lap in swim class, I’m both exhausted and exhilarated. The TV spot shows a young girl ready to swim to a dock in the middle of a lake. She eats a Quaker granola bar prior to her swim. Once in the water, the girl is transported to the ocean, swimming alongside a whale and past warring pirate ships. When she reaches shore, she jumps excitedly on the sand; in reality, the young girl jumps for joy on the dock, having made a successful jaunt. See it here, created by Energy BBDO.

DogbookRandom iPhone App of the week: Why should humans be the only ones to enjoy social media? Poolhouse launched a revamped version of Dogbook, a Facebook for dogs. The new version of the free app includes a Foursquare for dogs, where pooches can check-in to regular spots to earn Top Dog status at places such as fire hydrants, parks and stores. Download it here.

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