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CokeCoca-Cola used interactive vending machines to break down barriers between residents of India and Pakistan. Machines were placed in New Delhi, India and Lahore, Pakistan and invited passersby to make a friend, share some happiness and toast one another with Cokes. “Small World Machines” asked participants to virtually join hands with the person at the other machine, then have them do something together, like trace a heart or peace sign, wave or dance together. This was possible due to 3D touchscreens on each machine that streamed a live video feed and at the same time recorded the interactions taking place. Once a task was completed, each vending machine dispensed a Coke. Over a three-day period, more than 10,000 cans were distributed. Watch it here, created by Leo Burnett Chicago & Sydney.



dtacDtac, a mobile telecommunication company in Thailand, launched a new WiFi service, Moving WiFi. To illustrate the service -- where hotspots move with a user, allowing for uninterrupted work and play --  Dtac turned Fido into a WiFi hotspot. Adorable dogs, each equipped with a WiFi collar and shirt explaining the process, rested in high-trafficked foot areas, enabling passersby to connect online for free. Does the collar also serve as a flea and tick repellant? See it here, created by Creative Juice Bangkok (TBWA).

histoplasmosisPublicis Dallas launched a print campaign and website to raise awareness about Histoplasmosis, an often misdiagnosed disease where bird droppings lead to a fungal infection that gets into the lungs, bloodstream and eyes. The disease hit close to home at the agency, for it nearly killed Julia Melle, a creative director on the campaign. Creative shows that many of the organs Histoplasmosis affects resemble tree branches, where birds congregate in flocks. Adjoining copy is simple but alarming: “Birds infest more than trees,” read each ad. At the bottom of the lung ad, it states: “Bird droppings can lead to a fungal infection that gets in the lungs and kills more than 800 people a year. Now you know more than most doctors.” See the ads here, here and here.

under armorUnder Armour has launched “What’s Beautiful 3.0,” a competition that drives women to set, meet and exceed fitness goals. Women can post their goals and workout regimes online and motivate each other to accomplish them. Women can also join or create a workout team and after eight weeks Under Armour will nominate ten finalists based on how they met their goals. Three winners will receive an all-expenses-paid retreat to Costa Rica, full of fitness, surf and yoga experiences.  Under Armour will pick two winners and the remaining winner will be determined by user votes. Check out an intro video here. Red Tettemer + Partners created the campaign.

ikeaThe kitchen is the place for all of life’s good, bad and most memorable moments. A TV spot for IKEA running in Europe compiles an array of events where the kitchen serves as the focal point. The story begins with a fly on the wall, dead, thanks to a man with a sharp knife and an eagle eye. There’s group dancing, romantic moments by the stove, birthday celebrations and a sibling receiving an unsolicited haircut from her sister, when mom turned her back for a split second. See it here, created by Akestam Holst and directed by Tomas Jonsgården of Flodellfilm.

carlsjrOn Monday, Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder ran an open letter in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today offering his condolences to McDonald’s customers. Apparently the golden-arched brand discontinued its line of Angus Third Pounder burgers and consumers aren’t thrilled. Capitalizing on this, Puzder reminded folks that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s offer a 100% Black Angus Six Dollar Burger, which can cost a dollar less if users download a coupon at See the ad here, created by 72andSunny.

cicada invadazCicadas are invading both the East Coast and your favorite website. The Martin Agency created a fun, time-sucking site, Cicada Invadaz, where a Web page gets bombarded by cicadas and it is your job to exterminate them. Users must first visit the Cicadas website and add the link to their bookmark list. Then, go to any Web page and then click the Cicadas bookmark. This releases the cicadas that overtake a site in seconds. Players must double-click on each critter to kill it and if you sign into Facebook, all your friends will know you’re goofing around.

tweet your tweetAfter The Onion created a fake Twitter war between the National Audubon Society (NAS) and President Obama, Goodby Silverstein & Partner, NAS’ agency, and Swedish music production company Dinahmoe created, a site that matches bird chirps to the corresponding tones/letters (a, b, c, d, e, f, g) in your tweets. Now, your tweets have sound. The mock Twitter battle was a big boon for The Audubon Society, ending with a real #FF mention from the President himself.

microsoftIf only cleaning the house was this easy. Microsoft Outlook launched a pair of TV spots showing how easy it is to clean a cluttered inbox. It’s so easy that a musician plays his guitar and deletes messages while a woman cooks dinner and downsizes her inbox. See it here. The next ad shows the ease with which users can check and update their social media profiles while sending emails and searching through stock images. Watch it here. Deutsch New York created the campaign.

pop secret appRandom iPhone App of the week: Pop Secret created the Perfect Pop app, which means never having to smell burnt, microwave popcorn again. Once users turn on the Perfect Pop app and place it near the microwave, an animated kernel listens to the pops, letting them know when the popcorn is ready, rather than trusting the microwave preset buttons. Engineers analyzed the sounds of popping corn in various microwave models using more than 500 bags of popcorn. Happy corn-popping. Deutsch LA created the app, available for free in the App Store. Download it here.

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