Cross-Platform, ESPN Reaches Nearly 75% Of Men Per Month

ESPN reached nearly three in four American men with its TV and digital properties in February. The data also shows the brand reached close to 60% of all adults.

The totals come to 85 million men (72%) and 136 million adults (57%). The data is from Project Blueprint, a five-screen measurement initiative that ESPN is undertaking along with Arbitron and comScore.

The data also showed that tablet users tend to be ESPN’s most rabid consumers, spending an average of 19-plus hours per month with content across multiple platforms -- three times above average. The brand’s multiplatform consumers tend to watch more ESPN on TV.

In an average week, digital properties give ESPN a reach lift of 23% among men and 18% for adults over just the TV networks.



Looking to track consumption across TV, radio, PCs, smartphones and tablets, data comes from a variety of sources. For example, TV data emerges from comScore tracking 4.5 million set-top boxes, and Arbitron using its portable people meter (PPM) for out-of-home viewing. PC, smartphone and tablet consumption at a census level came from comScore.

Arbitron put together a panel from a subset of its PPM panel that captured the five platforms by melding TV-radio data from the PPMs with digital information from a software meter application.

Announced last year, ESPN plans to use Project Blueprint to gauge whether a five-platform measurement service could be used across the industry. As an upgraded model is in development, ESPN plans to release the initial findings at the Advertising Research Foundation conference Monday.

Artie Bulgrin, ESPN’s senior vice president of research and analytics, stated that Project Blueprint “will fill significant knowledge gaps about cross-platform usage with a level of precision that we have lacked until now.”

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