Ford Mustang In "Need For Speed"

Ford Motor is squealing Mustang tires with DreamWorks Studios with an integrated campaign around the film based on EA's game “Need for Speed.” The timing is good as the car is celebrating its 50th this year. It has also been in hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of films, most memorably with Steve McQueen flying a GT Fastback for much of the chase scenes in "Bullitt." Will Smith drove a Shelby GT500 version  in the "I Am Legend" horror movie; and there was a gold one in "Gold Finger".

Ford gets big product integration and Ford's giveback will include media and promotional efforts supporting the film around when the film hits silver on March 14, 2014, which pretty much right before the Mustang 50th.  The automaker is also unveiling a one-off pony car for the movie on Monday at Electronic Arts’ press conference at E3 Expo in LA.


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