Out To Launch

subaruSubaru vehicles help people cross activities off their bucket list and allow one man to make his passion for painting portable. In “Let’s Do That,” a couple drive past random activities like log rolling, falcon catching, scuba diving and bug eating, and cross each one off their bucket list. The pair have second thoughts about relaxing in a hot springs when a man decides to join them… commando. Watch it here. In "Nature Painting," a man receives an easel for his birthday, unleashing the inner painter he never knew existed. His Subaru brings him places to paint, despite torrential rain, high tides and sandstorms. His wife is also running out of room to hang her hubby’s artwork. See it here. Carmichael Lynch created the campaign.



world visionWorld Vision Canada launched a TV spot depicting the harsh reality that 1.2 million children are sold into slavery yearly. Playing off the home shopping channel craze, two hosts show a 9-year-old boy who is capable of working 18-hour days. And he costs a mere $65. “Some things should never be for sale,” closes the ad, seen here, created by KBS+ and directed by Ben Gregor.

southern comfortSouthern Comfort launched “Shampoo,” the latest spot in its “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign. This time around, the locale is a beauty salon and a man with long locks is relishing the feeling of having his hair shampooed by his stylist. He’s the only man in the salon, but remains at ease, closing his eyes and holding his SoCo. See it here, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

cannes has pizzaDeutsch LA aims to feed the hungry, drunk folks over at the Cannes Lions festival in the middle of the night with Cannes Has Pizza. The agency is working with a local pizzeria to hand out free pizza from five Deutsch LA-branded scooters. The drivers, wearing agency colors, will be hanging out near parties that are ending and well-known bars industry folks may be frequenting, hoping to stop a craving before it starts. The agency hopes to deliver 1,800 slices of pizza between Tuesday and Thursday night. A mobile site,, enables people to see where the scooters are located via a scooter icon, and where the almighty pizzas are using a pizza icon. See creative and drivers here and here. Good luck.

dominosDomino’s Pizza redesigned their logo and clearly has a ton of old signage to dispose of. Rather than junking it or waiting for the guys from “American Pickers” to rummage though your garage, the brand launched Second Hand Logos, a site where 10 artists create original pieces using old logo items. The artists are able to keep the profits from their sales and gain national exposure, while being eco-friendly in the process. Some interesting work has already been uploaded, like scarves, lighting fixtures and bowls made from tissue paper (which both confuses and amazes me). See the work here, here, and here. CP+B created the campaign.

papa johns“If you score seven, they will come,” begins an ad for Papa John's pizza running in Texas. It had my attention just for the homage to “Field of Dreams.” The ad shows the Texas Rangers during batting practice, with a voice talking about scoring seven runs. The voice is Papa John -- and whenever the Rangers score seven runs or more, fans get 50% off any online order the following day, using the code Rangers 7. Watch "The Whisper" here, created by The Loomis Agency.

soda streamSodaStream ran a print ad in USA Today, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle, illustrating the evolution of the modern soda drinker. Male soda drinkers began hunched over, attempting to lift the jumbo pack of soda cans. Things eased up with plastic bottles, but man walks upright when he purchases a SodaStream. He probably sees his chiropractor less, too. See the ad here.

new york lottoThe New York Lottery launched two TV ads supporting its “Family Feud” Scratch Off Game. In “Survey Says,” people who were asked awkward questions decide to see how the majority of people would answer. One woman is proposed to after three dates, and a boss has to decide whether to give his employee a raise. It doesn’t end well for the employee and overzealous man. See it here. “Office” features a longer version of the man asking his boss for a raise. He might not get the boost in salary, but he does get Tuesday off. Watch it here. DDB New York created the campaign.

cannes name dropperRandom Cannes App of the Week: Colle+McVoy developed the Cannes Name Dropper, a tool for sounding in the know. The Web app helps conference attendees create witty tweets about the biggest names in the industry. Some sample name drops include: “I know Lauren Connolly. She follows me on Twitter” and “Just bumped into Eric Kallman. He says print is the future.” Give it a whirl.

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