Varick Adds Programmatic Radio, Second Desk To Partner With Triton

*The initial copy of this article said that VMM was the second desk to join the platform. However, VMM is only the second desk to join publicly. There are more than two, and any other trading desk partner(s) have not been disclosed.

In an interview with RTM Daily earlier this week, Varick Media Management's new SVP of Platform Sales, Sandie Milberg, said that one of her short-term goals was to provide programmatic access to a host of channels. What she didn't say was that "short-term" meant "within the week."

The agency trading desk has today joined Triton Digital's a2x platform, a real-time bidding (RTB) platform for online and mobile radio. VMM is the second desk to join the platform publicly* - back in January, Triton struck a deal with Xaxis. A Triton spokesperson told RTM Daily that Triton's partnership with VMM is "similar to what Xaxis is doing."



The addition of radio is significant for VMM because the trading desk now has a full array of cross-channel programmatic offerings. For VMM, radio joins display, video, social, and all of the other usual suspects, including TV.

“VMM is committed to cross-channel opportunities across the entire addressable media landscape, and streaming audio has been of great interest to our customers,” stated Paul Rostkowski, president of VMM.

Triton claims that over two billion online and mobile audio impressions are available each month on a2x, thanks in large part to the partners they have added by being aggressive since launching the platform. In addition to Xaxis and VMM, the RTB platform has 13 publishers onboard, including CBS, Entercom, and Univision.

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