Microsoft Makes Improvements To Yahoo Bing Network

Microsoft announced improvements Wednesday on the compatibility between the Yahoo Bing Network and Google Enhanced Campaigns. The changes provide marketers with a smoother transition when porting campaigns from one platform to the other.

The updates, announced in June, range from uploading AdWords campaigns into its platform and Sitelink Extensions on an ad group to device targeting on tablets.

Marketers can now use Sitelink Extensions on an ad group to override those associated at the campaign level, as well enabling new variables on dynamic text for destination URLs, David Pann, GM for the search network at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post.

Feature upgrades also include improvement on bidding.

Aside from the ability to raise or lower bids depending on the type of device that consumers use, brands also can make bid adjustments that include negative, more granular and increased ranges across devices.



All these upgrades won't do much good if the Yahoo Microsoft Network cannot increase the percentage of market share for organic searches.

Some 19.1 billion explicit core searches were conducted in August, according to comScore. Google sites ranked No. 1 with 12.8 billion. Microsoft sites came in at No. 2, with 3.4 billion searches, followed by Yahoo with 2.2 billion, Ask Network with 489 million and AOL with 241 million.

Yahoo and AOL sites each gained the 1% that Google and Ask lost in August. Microsoft's percentage remained flat.

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