Lexus Lets Consumers Be Creative: Real-Time Suggestions To Determine Content Of Live Ads

Erasing the line between traditional broadcast media and second-screen interactions, NBCUniversal and Lexus have partnered to today announce the "It's Your Move After Dark" campaign, which will feature four broadcast commercials launching the all-new Lexus IS. The twist: Viewers will send in suggestions for the ads in real-time using the hashtag #LexusIS on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. In theory, the content of the live ads will ultimately be decided by those suggestions.

Improvisational comedy troupes Fun Young Guys, Magnet Theater Touring Company, MB's Dream, and Stone Cold Fox will be performing the ads.

“By utilizing social and broadcast media simultaneously, ‘It’s Your Move After Dark’ breaks the traditional commercial mold and showcases the all-new IS in an entirely unique and DVR-proof way," stated Brian Bolain, Lexus corporate manager of marketing communications.



Here's how it will work: During an "early commercial break" in NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the improv comedians will ask viewers to suggest ad concepts using the #LexusIS hashtag. As viewers send in suggestions throughout the show, the improv group (and presumably some people from Lexus) will follow along. During the final commercial break, the group will perform a live ad based on suggestions.

“The new Lexus IS campaign is a perfect match for our young, incredibly social late night audience and we are excited to break new ground with these ads,” stated Jim Hoffman, executive vice president, network entertainment sales and marketing, NBCUniversal. The company claims that the "It's Your Move After Dark" campaign will be the first ever live/real-time marketing broadcast.

There will be one ad every Thursday night for four weeks, and all ads will be shot live from under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The ads on the East and West coasts will be "completely different each time based on their respective social media suggestions."

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