Shoplocal Bows Digital Video Circulars

Gannett’s Shoplocal, which publishes print and digital circulars, has partnered with Eyeview to create digital circular ads with video, called V-circular, which allow retailers and national brands to target consumers at the local level with promotions, discounts and special offers in video format.

The service combines Shoplocal’s offline circular data with a variety of creative treatments from Eyeview to target consumers with tailored video ads based on demographic, behavioral and geographic data, as well as real-time local conditions like weather.

As part of the service, advertisers can draw on Shoplocal’s database of product images, descriptions and pricing, as well as category-specific messages, incentives, coupons and other offers. With Eyeview’s capabilities ads can be delivered in-stream or in-banner, via the Web, mobile devices, social media, or Internet-connected TV.

The same services are available through Gannett’s new G/O Digital marketing service, an in-house agency unveiled last month. Shoplocal currently produces circulars for retail chains including CVS, Kohl's, Lowe's, Staples, Target, Walmart and Walgreens.

Shoplocal isn’t the only one making moves in digital marketing for local retail. In April of this year, Valassis unveiled new ad-targeting capabilities with a service called Geo-Commerce Retail Zone, which uses over 100,000 local targeting zones created by Valassis to reach prospective consumers on their way to retail.

The Geo-Commerce Retail Zones overlay the trading areas of local stores with transactional data, behavioral data, and data from larger retail trade areas to pinpoint areas where relevant advertising can be delivered to high-potential consumers via mobile devices and other advertising channels



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