The Trade Desk Adds DG's Pre-Bid Data To DSP

In a world filled with Big Data, there's always more to offer.

DG on Thursday announced it is bringing its Peer39 pre-bid page data to The Trade Desk's demand-side platform (DSP). The companies say that one of the biggest benefits of pre-bid data is that it helps real-time marketers trade in brand-safe environments.

Peer39, DG's platform, provides pre-bid data based on the content and structure of Web pages. Alex White, GM of data and trading at DG, called pre-bid data "vital."

"There are currently two commonly used ways of protecting your brand in real-time bidding (RTB), and both are less effective than pre-bid data," he claimed.

White explained that the first way brands typically protect against fraud in RTB is by ad blocking. However, he argued that it's "not the best solution in RTB due to the fact that the advertiser still pays for the impressions, and most companies still have challenges with identifying the actual page before the ad is shown."

The second common method, according to White, is verification, or reporting after the fact. "I'm not saying that post-ad-serving reporting is not valuable, because it is" he said. "But if you can avoid the purchase of misaligned or negative content at the page level prior to bidding on it, that's a little better."

He pointed out that advertisers are typically limited in their targeting capabilities to "whatever the ad server offers, the publishers' claims, and behavioral targeting." He called these methods "too narrow" and believes they have been "exhausted" as a strategy.

The data The Trade Desk will now be able to offer its clients is available in real-time, which means programmatic traders can use it on the fly.

"Knowing that your ads will be targeted to the right user, in the right context at the right time in RTB is not a vague notion, or some unattainable feat," White declared. "It is here."

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