Commerce Bank Collapses Account With Berstein-Rein

Looking to expand its presence in digital media, Commerce Bank has dumped Kansas City-based Bernstein-Rein after a 14-year relationship and selected Minneapolis-based Olson to handle brand strategy, research, advertising, social media and mobile for the $15 million account. Mincing no words about the seeming inability of Bernstein-Rein to deliver on the digital front, Commerce Bank Corporate Marketing Director Eric Steinhouse said, “Bernstein had helped us some with that, but we were not certain we were where we needed to be.” Of losing Commerce Bank, Bernstein-Rein President Steve Bernstein said, “I think it was just time. If you told me that I picked up a piece of business and they were going to be with me for 14 years, I’d be very happy.” 



It never ceases to amaze the lengths agencies will go to tout the most mundane accomplishments. Today's ADSR (Agencies Desperately Seeking Recognition) winner is St. Louis-based Stealth Creative which issued a press release to announce they're...wait for it...big. Yeah, that's right. They're big. How big? They were recently listed -- listed, mind you, not awarded -- as one of St. Louis' Largest Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Firms by the St. Louis Business Journal. But, wait, there's more! Not only was the agency listed one of the Largest Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Firms, it was also listed as one of the Best Creative Firms by the St. Louis Business monthly. But wait, there's more more! Not only was the agency -- oh hell, we're not going to type all that all over again -- they've also announced...wait for it...that they are both Google AdWords Certified and Google Analytics Certified! Good God they must know what they're doing over there at Stealth Creative! Whatever the case may be, they are at least smart enough to have wormed their way into some national press right here on Mediapsssst! Good job, Stealth Creative. 

Now why would a CMO leave a cushy brand-side gig to toil in the less than stable world of advertising agencies? We have no idea but that's exactly what Aston Martin Global CMO Markus Kramer is doing. He's exiting Aston Martin after leading the brand's marketing since 2009. He'll head over to Brand Affairs where he will become partner for the consultancy which has offices in London and Zurich. While at Aston Martin, Kramer oversaw the brand's long term dealings with the James Bond franchise.

Crafting a seamless business relationship is a bit like making a fine wine. It takes skill, patience and time. And that's what it took for agency search firms Roth Associates and The Observatory to come together. The two firms, which will now be known as Roth Observatory International, took six years to hone the details of the merger. The new entity will operate in New York, LA, London, Tokyo, Hamburg, Warsaw, Johannesburg and three other cities.

Digital creative agency Soap Creative has opened a new office in the historic West End district in Dallas, Texas. The agency, which also has an LA studio in the Blackwelder warehouse complex in Culver City, is best known for developing Pi’s Epic Journey for the movie “Life of Pi.” Of the move to new digs in Dallas, Soap Creative managing Partner Matt Griswold (hmm...related to Clark?) said, “Dallas is an incredible market for the future. In planning our expansion we wanted to move ahead of the curve and build a long-term home in the heart of Texas. We see amazing opportunity for innovation here, and have both strong clients and a well-rounded team in the region to drive it further.”

Wow. When an agency press release so eloquently screams its latest hire brings to the agency a “perspective on building global insights and ideas across brands, geographies and culture [and] will add tremendous benefits to our clients, navigating the intersection between strategic branding, digital transformation, and the world we live in,” this new employee must have some serious guruism, right? Who are we talking about? Former mcgarrybowen Managing Director of Digital Strategy and Social Media Ariana Stolarz who joins said agency, MRM, as EVP Director of Strategy. Can Stolarz live up to the hype? (Can Anyone?)
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