Coke Zero Contest Winners, Metallica Hit Antarctica

Coca-Cola Zero is sending 19 winners of a Latin American contest to Antarctica to be part of a 10-day “Música Zero” event featuring an expedition exploring the continent's landscapes and a concert by Metallica.

The event is the latest extension of the brand's Latin American-focused Música Zero initiative, launched in 2012.

The winners were chosen through a contest in which residents of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico could enter by sharing, on the brand's Twitter account, what they would be willing to do to win participation in the Antarctica experience. 

The winners set sail on Dec. 3 from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, on a polar-trip-equipped cruise ship that is part of the Dutch fleet of Oceanwide Expeditions, which has been operating in Antarctica since 1991.

The commercially driven expedition to Antarctica has stirred some controversy. 

However, the expedition complied with the Environmental Impact Assessment, audited by the Environmental Management and Tourism Program of the Argentine National Antarctic Directorate, following the guidelines of the Antarctica Protection Protocol. 

Furthermore, Coca-Cola points out that the Antarctic Treaty and international forums that steward Antarctica are charged in part with "contemplating" the possibility of promoting cultural actions to disseminate awareness on the importance of the continent, to safeguard Antarctic biodiversity and as an example of international cooperation.

Coca-Cola Zero will donate equipment for the continent's new Carlini Argentine Base, a focal point for scientific investigations and international cooperation. 

Coca-Cola says iconic heavy-metal band Metallica won't disturb the continent's quiet environment, because the concert will be transmitted (with no amplification) to the live audience through headphones. 

Metallica will play near the heliport of the Carlini Base on Dec. 8.

Residents of all Spanish-speaking Latin American countries will be able to see a live-stream of the concert on Web pages and

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